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Lunn Studios Excusive Batiks - Red & Pinks

This section includes wax batiks from the Lunn Studios as exclusive Batiks - in pink through red colorways.
All our batik fabrics are hand-made using traditional techniques in Java, Indonesia.
All fabrics are 100% cotton and 44" wide unless noted otherwise.
Designed by Debra Lunn and Michael Mrowka.
We give back to the Batik Community by giving 5% of all gross sales to Ganesa Library in Solo, Java, Indonesia.
(Small $5 charge for orders under $10 to pay for postage, delivery confirmation, and mailing supplies).

LUNN SPECIAL PRICE $11 yard - MSRP $13 yard.

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Lunn Batiks - Flower Petals

Color 97 Rose.
Lunn Fabrics Exclusive!
Suggested Retail price $13.00 per yard.
Lunn Fabrics Special Sale Price $11.00 per yard.

Ref # lsbc_3938_97

$11.00    yd   Quantity:  

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